The Urgent need for creativity

Not a "nice to have." It's a HAVE TO HAVE.

I have been at the center of some of the most creative and innovative companies in the world, at the point where they were “changing the world” through media and technology. 

Every one of those companies recognized that creativity was their single most valuable asset. They believed in the creativity of their employees and their suppliers. They drove themselves to the highest standards of creativity. They aimed their creativity at their audience, and believed that the audience would respond. 

Is this any different from your business today? Creativity is an urgent need in every company. It is the way you retain your edge, surpass your competition, and become truly innovative. 

A recent study by the Gallup Organization showed that FEWER THAN 20% of employees feel a purpose to their job. That lack of engagement costs an organization, every minute of every day. 

Igniting your employee’s sense of creativity and engagement will pay off in a more productive, engaged and innovative staff. It will increase your competitive edge and lead to innovation in every layer of your organization. 

Creativity in business is: 

  • A commitment to being better.
  • A faith in curiosity, questions, and the search for hidden value. 
  • A discipline that leads to stronger focus, productivity, process, and empowerment. 
  • A belief in data and evidence, combined with wisdom and experience. 
  • A practice, not a one-time “let’s brainstorm” exercise. 

Empowering your organization to be creative will help you navigate your highly-competitive environment. It will help you process the free-flowing data you receive about your products, services, and customers. 

Companies that lead with creativity include Microsoft, Amazon, Zappos. Their culture is defined by:

  • A free flow of ideas.
  • Elimination of silos (let’s not leave creativity to “the creative types”). 
  • A blend of data and wisdom.
  • A commitment by leadership to empowering creativity from anywhere in the organization.

Behind every one of the most critical business decisions that you face (Are we competitive? How do we extend our market share?) SHOULD be questions like:

  • Do my employees understand the powerful mission behind our company?
  • Are my employees empowered to be as curious, creative and innovative as they can be?
  • Do they have the processes, freedom and support to bring their best to their work?

I know how to ignite creativity. I know how to infuse organizations with a sense of mission and purpose and turn employees from dis-engaged workers to highly invested team members. I build creative purpose and creative teams. 

The result is increased value. Not just in your external marketing, but in the way you talk to and about each other, your focus on customers, and your desire to compete and innovate. 

OH… and it’s fun. I started out as a comedy writer and producere.  I’m still, people tell me, funny. And fun. Because that’s the spark that gets all of this started.

Here’s how I work. 

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How my creative experiences can help guide your company. 

The Elevator Pitch

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I’ll tell stories, talk about my work and yours, and we’ll see if there’s something there.