How TMZ Could Prevent the Next Whitney

I think the tragedy of Whitney Houston’s death was avoidable, through some work and tough love from the people around her and the people in her business circle. Yes, the addict is the one who ultimately chooses the addiction. But I don’t think any of us are so naïve as to believe that the cycle of co-dependency at the level of a SuperStar is complicated by social and economic needs on every level. And at some point, I think the “inner circle” and the hangers on should be held accountable.

So here’s how our gossip press – the TMZs and the Gawkers of the world – can do their part.

TMZ, Gawker and the like know who the train wrecks are. And they know who’s in the inner circle, who are the hangers on, who’s driving (literally and figuratively) the party bus. (Hell, I’m guessing TMZ has a number of these people on speed dial.)

So let’s remind the entourage of the true cost of what they’re doing. When TMZ’s cameraman is yelling at Whitney or whomever as they stumble out of a club, have them turn to the person who has been with them for 5 nights straight – the one who is helping the whole thing — and say “Hey, what’s your name?

“Because, when they die, I’m gonna show this tape on TV, and then come around to ask you what you did to help.”

Now, I don’t want to hear about journalistic integrity or crossing the line. When it comes to TMZ and Gawker and the like, that ship sailed a lonnnnnng time ago. This is something that I think they could do that would save a life or two.

Just a thought.

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