I’ve been very fortunate to be a part of some of the most innovative media created. Now, I’m taking everything I know about engaging audiences and applying it to the new world of Voice — specifically Conversational Design and Voice User Interfaces.
So… how does someone who was part of…
  • Original Late Night with David Letterman team
  • MTV Networks (My VH1, VH1 reality, tons of content that toggled between web and tv like Best Week Ever)
  • The development of Twitter and TV around the globe
  • Common Sense Media’s new “Sensical” Brand for kids
Keep pushing the envelope and working with companies to create new ways of connecting to audiences?
I am passionate about finding new ways of communicating with people and providing moments of light in their lives. Not always comedy — but always illuminating.
I design — using the UX research, design sprints and close collaboration with all stakeholders.
I build with engineering teams.
I work on the all-important surface with visual designers.
I write (or supervise the writing) of Conversations that are informed by my years of writing and producing for some of TV’s wittiest hosts and shows (Letterman, Jon Stewart, Cheers, Best Week Ever, etc.)
I’m obsessed with the new frontier of Voice. I want to work with companies, teams, technologies that are pioneering story, character, functionality to transform our relationships with each other, thoruigh technology.
I’ve produced daily tv, huge Awards shows and more.  I’m super-organized toward goals, and also able to articulate and plan to reach goals that haven’t been imagined yet.
I’d love to talk to you about the future (voice / interactive technologies), the present (how your brand / company can literally start talking to your audience and customers 24/7) and the past (what I know about reaching audiences, entertaining them and building formats / shows and networks that connect, engage and retain audiences.)
I’m looking for cultures that invest in finding where their consumers and audiences are, and building new bridges to them. I’m looking for companies and storytellers who are collaborative, imaginative and self-challenging.