I have a simple proposition:

Bring me into your office. Serve lunch. Invite as many people as you like (including a few people from teams who could use what I do.) I’ll work with you to tailor my stories about my life as a creative person to some of the challenges your business is facing.

I’m an entertaining speaker. I’ve won a bunch of awards. I’ve got great stories about the creative teams I’ve worked with. I’ll talk. You’ll eat. It’ll be fun!

Among the topics I’ll cover:

  • How mission drives creative teams
  • How to find creativity throughout your organiztion
  • How to generate ideas
  • Raising the bar for creativity and production
  • Minimum Viable Products I’ve Loved (and Hated)
  • Data / Metrics vs. Wisdom and Experience
  • New Platforms, New Languages, New Formats and what they meant to you 

I’ve built teams that create stories, live out missions, find innovative solutions to tough business problems, and overdeliver on our goals. We’ve created lasting bonds with our audiences and consumers. And we’ve had a great time doing it.

I’d like to do that for your company. Let’s have lunch.

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